Did you get your pancakes?

...Mini spreading the word via facebook that she will be on the news

 Random images...I didn't get the chance to take photos during the interview...

 ...Mini in the stripes, taking shots of the news lady filming her segment.
 ...they sent a car for us...yep...Beyonce style...Mini made it to school on time...Man, do you know how much I could get done if I had a driver everyday?  I'm just putting it out there.
You can watch the video here...
...It was a great way to start the morning...but, the reason for the day is never far from my mind...
Mini was blessed with the perfect donor...not everyone is so lucky...just read the letter we received just yesterday from the mother of a 10 year old girl who suffers from Sickle Cell Disease...

I appreciate your getting back to me.  It's my 10 year old daughter who is suffering from Sickle Cell...we're trying to find a bone marrow donor for her.  I would love to keep in touch with you & get to know you.
I think it would be a tremendous help mentally for my daughter (Kelsie) to know that you have suffered through the same thing...but that you have now been cured.  It will give her real hope.  Your story is a tremendous help to me as well.  Through you...we can now see a brighter future & know that this horrible disease & all of the suffering is going to end one day very soon...as soon as a match becomes available.
My faith is stronger...thanks to God...and YOUR story.  Thanks for sharing your story with the world.  I KNOW a match will be found very very soon!

Kelsie actually asked if she could meet you & I told her I wasn't really sure.  If it's okay with your mom...I'll keep in touch...and maybe one day in the future...you, your mom, me & Kelsie can meet.  
Kelsie is so happy for you too...and even without ever meeting her, you've already done something tremendously wonderful for her. You've given Kelsie hope, and that's something you cannot put a price on!
Thank you so much for that. Thanks for sharing your story with the world...and thanks for being gracious enough to respond when hearing of another child in need.  Please show your mom this message & keep her updated on our correspondence.  Your  mom can feel free to call me 
Again...thanks for everything.
Thank you

Click here to learn more about becoming a bone marrow donor...


  1. What a moving letter...and to give someone hope: what more can you ask?

  2. Oh know Sandra, If you heard this girls short life story...sigh. These kids suffer so much...I'm really manifesting that I can do more for them in the future...I don't know how or when...but, I know I will...


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