...I'm on a roll...I'm popping out these simple dresses one by one...I think I'll dye this one...not really a white dress kinda girl...

 Isn't this a cool necklace?...I thrifted it for $1.00 last fall.  It's made of steel.  All I did was tie it onto a leather cord...I wear it all the time...


  1. Hi! *waving*
    I'm new here and loving your blog.
    Do you have details on how you made this dress? I don't own a sewing machine, can this be done by hand?

  2. Very pretty. And that necklace is dope.

  3. Can you teach me how to sew? Oh wait I live in Florida...but that dress is so cute just like everything you make. Enjoy your vacay with the Mini!

  4. I'll do a post with instructs on the dress...It's pretty simple and you can make it without a sewing machine...Just not sure I can do it soon...I'll try.

  5. Thanks sooo much!
    Take your time. I'll check back :D
    Or just please send me an email when you do! LOL
    I can definitely wait. Its still cold outside here in NY. :)


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