It's Video Tuesday..."Who's that Girl?"

I want to do a new segment here on my blog called, "Who's that girl or guy?" where I will showcase a blogger or vlogger that has style and or a message that I think you guys would enjoy. This is the first in my new series. Her name is Jessie Adore and her blog is Adore Daily...Her style and blog are AMAZING!  In this video she shares her perfect fitting jean.

If you have a blog or know of a blog or video that would work with this series, please let me know and I may profile you here...


  1. I love her blog and her style.

  2. Wow. I didn't know about these Jeans. I'll check them out. I had given up on jeans.

    I like her style. I found it interesting that she saw herself as a private person but is public online.

    Thanks for this series.

  3. Sandra, It is interesting how shy people are making themselves so public on blogs...I guess it gives you a chance to speak up without the fear of what people will think. I love her blog...she has lots of style and passion.


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