Good, monday, morning...I'm back.

Hello everyone...Whew!  I'm back...and what an amazing trip.  Our 5 day Carnival Cruise was beyond.  The trip was arranged through a wish organization for Mini and when I tell you they pulled out the red carpet...they pulled out the red carpet.  We are still trying to get used to our normal  I want to put together a video/photo post of our trip...and the office space I'm working on is now behind schedule...We have no food in the house...not good when your used to eating whatever you want whenever you want on a bare with me as I try to get it together.  Feel free to enjoy these pretty images...


sigh...stencil behind the bed...remember when I wanted to do that?

...I'll take one...whatever it is.

a work of art.


  1. Welcome back and so glad you two received the royal treatment. That bag is gorgeous.

  2. Wow!
    You don't want's lemonade...
    You may need something stronger...
    Just kidding
    Glad you're back

  3. that's lemonade? I need a little more than that...but, just a


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