Color in your bedroom...?

I'm working up a color scheme for a clients bedroom...hum?  I love the brown and white cool, yet cozy...with all the white accents, it doesn't feel dark at all.

I recently made a huge oopps in my bedroom...I painted a navy blue accent wall...yikes!  Ugly...kinda looks like something you would see in a public school bathroom...But, it's just paint right?


  1. I tried a rose color in my bedroom and found I couldn't sleep, so now it's a tranquil blue color that's makes me relax.

  2. Hey Divalocity...I once had a red room and every time I walked into that room I got anxious...crazy...It's hard for me to wear red

  3. Yep just paint, which I am so afraid of in own home. More like, I'm too lazy to paint : (

  4. oh lord...brown and white is it.


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