Video Tuesday...for your ears and eyes...

...interior design inspiration can come from anywhere...a song, an image or a video...enjoy.

I know you remember this Janet song.  Watching this video makes me wanna clean up my

...o.k...Fantasia did her thing on this song and video...I love the idea of putting huge framed pics on the floor...this may work in my least I won't have to worry about the pics falling to the floor.

I love this song too...and I just painted a huge mirror blue and it's in my bedroom just like the one in this video...she also has a small entry way in this video...ideas...ideas...

What can I say about KEM?  His voice is like candy to my ears...and the home in this video is the bomb!
Check out how gorgeous and small that bedroom is...the wallpaper just sets it off...I was watching a video from a girl putting up wallpaper temporarily...she was renting...she staples it to the wall along the top and bottom and ran ribbon to cover the staples...viola...instant glam and it comes right down...may work in my hall...

...with all the fuss about the Braxton Sisters Reality kinda forget who the star really is...remember Toni Braxton?  I love this video and the styling of the it.


  1. Great idea for inspiration to use these music videos. I will be watching these throughout the day.

  2. ; ) Hey there. Check out my latest post on the vinyl poster.
    I want the table and chairs that Janet and Gary are sitting at. That whole video looks so peaceful.


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