Running, running, running...and the holiday season hasn't started

Please excuse the quick posts this week...I have been running like this speeding train...

I did stop long enough to snap a few photos...5th ave and 53rd street


  1. Running! PHEW! Just when I *thought* I was THEEE O'nly 1.
    Sometimes I have to stop & do nothing. I somehow began to feel so guilty. If I am not doing something, I start to feel like I am letting everyone down and that they really need me. BUT I am slowly learning that I *Think* they need me and they are constantly showing me that they can do ALL things through CHRIST JESUS who strengthens them! (just had to toss that out there)
    Question: when you are running, and stop to smell the roses, do you continue to think about all you shoulda, woulda or coulda been doing?
    Here's to running...

  2. Of course...I can't go to the bathroom without thinking about the shampoo, toothpaste and toilet tissue I need to buy...uGH! I'm slowly letting Mini do more and more too...


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