...I posted earlier about my dreary hall and here it is...any ideas?  UGH!  It looks even worse in pictures...I need a color idea or me out people...Thanks Sing...I truly forgot.
We have a metal door so we use it as our bulletin board...this is where we keep all the things we need to the Netflix disc we need to return.


  1. hmm, the light is fabulous, that has to stay, but i'd definitely go all white, the whole think, ceiling to walls to door, to even floor if you could. this will make it seem not only brighter but larger. if you can't paint the floor, maybe a jute or natural rug or runner, good for foot traffic and light like the white paint. i can't really tell, but looking at it from this photo, the wall to the left looks large, uninterrupted. that would be fabulous for either one very large mirror (also would help to broaden the space) or one large amazing framed photo, maybe black and white, or one large piece of art. that's my 2 cents. ;)

  2. All go with your living room....

    Make back of door into one long bulletion board(with cork and paper trim in black)

    On hall way walls something reflective. Ideal: mirror on one wall and art on the other wall.

  3. Meant to say agree with other response("all white hallway and door")

  4. I totally agree with Avant Garde. Paint it all white, walls and ceiling and add mirrors to make it appear larger.

  5. Thanks ladies...the hall was once white and I tired of it...the walls are not really smooth...and white shows every blemish...the tan wall there actually goes into my living room/dining area...I'm really thinking about going with a high gloss black...I don't know...what do you guys think about stripes?

  6. HMM,maybe paint the trim white so the doors pop out more and, I would use an emtpy frame and hang it on the door to 'frame out' the items that are on the door.

    Also maybe be stencil the runner?

    I'm not sure about the strips - try tweaking a few things 1st

  7. What about painting just the door white?
    What about installing a floor to ceiling mirror one of the walls?
    For storage, what about putting a wall shelf right over the door, for maybe decorative items or hats?
    I think a bright colored runner or some colorful carpet tiles would be good as well to brighten it up.

  8. I say all white and the wall on the left (which is your right), should have your blog name painted like a mural...Or blow up your logo on canvas and hang it along the length of the wall...

    Let you know whose house it is...BRANDING!


  9. I would say all mirrors..but that's a lot of cleaning...

    Or how about just giving the wall some texture? I would think to patterned wallpaper that you can paint over, or, a group of very narrow ledges, that you can put flat picture frames of more family, friends, inspirational quotes about home?


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