So dreamy...Hum.  How can I make this?


  1. OK, work with me here...what if you found a quilt, or a similar motif in a crocheted blanket in all white and had it framed in white?

    Just a thought..

  2. ^ That girl... Is a genius! :)

  3. Moni...love that idea...frame a crochet blanket...Hum...clever.

  4. I have another idea...I just don't know how this would work but....

    What if you figured out the measurements, go to an art supply store and get paper or canvas that is the measured size and make "fabric" snowflake...like a paper snowflake but made out of paper/fabric and frame that?

    When I look at this, that's what it reminds me of a giant paper snowflake...framed.


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