Color used in a different way.

Check out how color was used in these rooms.  So unusual...yet perfect.
Who would think to, yellow, brown, grey, blue and white in a "industrial chic" space?
Look closely at how they staged the pillows on this bed...clever.

...Can red white and blue look any sexier...?

...the shades of blue, grey and gold used in this room are perfection...Images like this make me think... "I could do that to my room, if I just clean it up."

...I just love the simple unexpected dot of color..and those two little plants on the side of the sink...My sink is not at the window...guess I could use two fake topiaries.

DIY this light fixture...go here for instructions. 

...I thought my love affair with the black wall was over.  I took one look at this room and feel in love all over again...I walked around yesterday looking at walls in my apartment thinking, which one will it be...sigh.
Black, purple, white and green...try it.


  1. It's funny how I can recognize an Ikea room, like the first photo. I like those pops of color.
    And the 2nd photo, the leopard stool, fab addition and so unexpected.
    And I'd love to have a black wall, it's so darn sexy.

  2. I think the skill comes in on how to accessorize with the colors. Each of these spaces had just the right balance.

  3. Put together very well. I love color. I have a crayon box in my home.

  4. LOVE these interiors although I have to say the second one is my absolute fav.! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog a while back!!


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