Can I show you guys where I'd love to live today...

...even though my place is looking really good right now...I still fantasize about having multiple homes...don't you?

I'm fixated on this entry you all know, no matter what I try, my entry looks like your walking into a cave...UGH!  I would love to do something like this...a gallery wall would be great, but it's so narrow you would knock the pics off the wall every time anyone went in or out...I'll take a pic and show you tomorrow...maybe someone out there has an idea for brighting it up...I'm thinking about buying mirrored tiles and tiling the entire wall...IKEA sells them really cheap.

I heart the floors...must have this chair and the color blue is really growing on me.

...where do I begin?  Rug on top of wood on lamps with shades in the  But the best thing of all is the old, funky lamp hanging over the table...I need this...and the funny thing is, growing up, this lamp was in almost everyone's home...I'm sure I'll find it on my thrifting adventure...

Blue again...not a color that I'm normally drawn to...but, I love this color.


  1. mmmmm. A very rich color blue; I love it.

  2. I am deeply in love with that shade of blue... It's so rich and peaceful all at once. I'm seriously into the brightly colored rugs. I'm going to search for the narrow one for my stupid long upstairs hallway! Just what it needs.

  3. That shade of blue is great.
    As far as the hallway, where is the photo? ; )


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