Video Tuesday...Let's see what it takes to reupholster that ugly chair you have at home

...Okay.  Now you know why you have to pay the big bucks to have anything re-upholstered...Or maybe this inspires you to take a class...I would so take this class  in a heart beat if I had just a little more disposable income.  Maybe I'll just put it on my Christmas list for Santa...


  1. This inspires me to pay someone to do it :)

  2. O.k..Shannon, you got it...after I take the class, you can pay

  3. Well I wish I could grant your wish...The best I can do is give you a free YT upholstery class on line. The following link is the YT course.

    And the guy who gives these lessons has a website here...

    If I see a better class(free) online I'll let you know.

    what a skill? Even if you specialized in small footstools one could make a great living.

  4. Thanks Sandra...those links are good...


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