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I believe your home tells the true story of who you are without your saying a word.
  I love when a home feels warm and collected.  Where each and every piece tells a story or has meaning...So, as many of you know I've started selling some of the special things that I come across in my life as a decorator...and I just wanted to share a few of them with you guys today.

 I came across this vintage crochet afghan and just fell in love...I crochet, so I can appreciate all the time and love that went into making this piece.  There are so many things to love about this piece...It's amazing and you will probably never see anything like it again...Now I just have to find it a good home.
Shouldn't be's soon cold out and who wouldn't want to cuddle under this blanket.


...this is the perfect piece to a collected room.  Adds just the right splash of color in a very clean and simple way.

I've had this runner for a while, it's still looking for the perfect home.


...remember this tray?  Well, it can be yours...breakfast or blogging in bed anyone?
You can see them all and more here.

...all photos take in my bedroom


  1. I like how throws and fabric can be used to decorate anything. nice.

  2. ...thank you lady...and I've been telling my clients that for years...small changes have big impact...

  3. I appreciate the crochet blankets as well. My grandma made one especially for me and my sister and mom crochet as well. It's a true art.

  4. Does it come with the Domino Mags as well?
    Just askin'


  5. I want the vintage afghan in the first pics.. you can send it to me.. do you at least have a pattern you can share??

    1. Sorry Jann,

      That piece is actually pending sale to Australia tomorrow...I don't have a pattern, I bought the blanket vintage...

  6. I am amazed to see the afghan at the top. I bought a vintage afghan in the same design 6 or 7 years ago! It appeared fresh off the hook and was garish: blue, purple, hot pink, yellow on white. A year later, in the same thrift store, I found another!! New, but different colors this time, navy, orange, rust, pine green, rose on white. The acrylic yarn is old and heavy and I am sure the same person made both. After seeing this one, I am going to renew my search for the pattern. :)


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