...about last night.

...Mini needed baked goods for her schools bake sale today.  They are raising money from Cancer research...I...just received a cookie pop book from Ulysses Publishing for review...this is perfect...I'll make cake pops for Mini to sell...Well, it all ended in disaster (so, no pics...just trust me...it was ugly)...I started too late...the kitchen was too hot...and I was too impatient...It was like an episode of the Middle around here last night...chocolate was burning...cake was falling off sticks...balls were too big...smile...and I was defeated!  I told Mini there was no way she could take them to school...and we'll just make something for the next sale...Mini with the sad face...UGH!  It's 10:30...WTH am I going to bake now...I'm tired...good thing for Mini, I had some leftover oatmeal cookie dough from a couple days ago...I popped those babies in the oven and packaged them up real pretty and sent them off to school with Mini today.  Done.

But wait there's more...We had left over cake dough...so, this morning, I told Mini I would give the cake pops another try today...with less pressure. I just had to pull them off and she could sell them tomorrow to the kids...Wanna know what Mini told me????  "Oh, that's good Mommy...cause there's another bake sale tomorrow anyway."  What?!  I didn't have to stay up baking cookies last night...the bake sale goes on for two days?  ...Just when were you going to share that little bit of information?  It's funny how your kids extra curricular activities turn into your extra Mommy duties.  I heart being a MOM turned upside down...WOW!

...Now making cake pops is not really hard.  It just takes a lot of time and patience.  The cake and icing have to set up...took over night for me...

 ...I watched a cooking show during the process...

...the second time was a charm...Let's just see how Mini get's them to school tomorrow.

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  1. They look challenging. But I'm sure well worth the effort because it looks tasty.

  2. High Five!! Your a good mom, I know what you mean about their projects becoming more work for mom! lol :) Those look good, but hard!

  3. Thank you ladies...every now and them momma needs a little pat on the back man...

  4. well...you did good...luckily you were in a beautiful mood ;-)

  5. wow they turned out amazing...they look so delicious...i love cute little desserts like this! kudos for trying again!

  6. Have you heard of Bakerella.com? Her cake pop book is similar check out her site! You did a great job! xoxo

  7. Thanks guys...Mini took them off to school today. Can't wait to see what the kids think...

  8. i don't think i ever knew about cake pops til now.

    well, as others have said, you did great! and i know from experience that there's a direct correlation between your mood and the way the food turns out.

    they're cute!

    lol @ "smile" after "balls were too big".

  9. Ummmm I wish! I cannot bake a lick.

    They look Yummy!!!


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