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Even if you don't use it everyday...what a great way to hang extra coats when throwing a party...



 "Revenge of the Nerds"

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I believe your home tells the true story of who you are without your saying a word.
  I love when a home feels warm and collected.  Where each and every piece tells a story or has meaning...So, as many of you know I've started selling some of the special things that I come across in my life as a decorator...and I just wanted to share a few of them with you guys today.

 I came across this vintage crochet afghan and just fell in love...I crochet, so I can appreciate all the time and love that went into making this piece.  There are so many things to love about this piece...It's amazing and you will probably never see anything like it again...Now I just have to find it a good home.
Shouldn't be's soon cold out and who wouldn't want to cuddle under this blanket.


...this is the perfect piece to a collected room.  Adds just the right splash of color in a very clean and simple way.

I've had this runner for a while, it's still looking for the perfect home.


...remember this tray?  Well, it can be yours...breakfast or blogging in bed anyone?
You can see them all and more here.

...all photos take in my bedroom

Today was a good day...

Have you ever come across an image that accurately explains how you feel?  
Well I have, and this is it.  Got just the news I wanted to hear today and I feeling a bit more relieved.

Do you love Mid-Century Modern?

I'm a big fan of Mid Century Modern Design...and I know a lot of you are too...when I came across these trays I knew they would be perfect to sell in my shop.  They are very unique and beautifully handcrafted.  Wouldn't they look fab at your next holiday gathering...use for cheese and crackers...etc.  Let's think outside the traditional gift giving box this one wants another gift card.  This would be perfect for that special collector on your gift list.  Or keep them for yourself. They are in excellent vintage condition, no chips, stains or smells.

Stopped me in my blogging tracks...

This room makes me want to throw out everything I own and start over...(sidebar, that's not a new feeling)...I know the room is a little boring, beige, on beige on beige...but, something about it is really calming to me...I even love the carpet.  The shelving is divine...I would just change out the flowers and the artwork...too generic...and where is the lighting in this room?  Other than that...gorg!

Pillow Love...

 I purchased this pillow case from the thrift store...I just loved the pattern, colors and texture of the fabric...It reminds me of all the pillows I see in Anthropologie...and it was just $1.99...So I took it home, washed it, cut it open and made two pillows out of one pillow case.  They turned out nice...So the next time your in Target or wherever and you see a pillow case that you just love...think of turning it into an accent pillow in your home.  I photographed my new accent pillows all around the house, putting them in different chairs to see where I'll keep know, the way most of you do with your new shoes...trying them on with different outfits...same idea.

Just look how much fabric you can get out of one pillow case...




Video Tuesday...Let's see what it takes to reupholster that ugly chair you have at home

...Okay.  Now you know why you have to pay the big bucks to have anything re-upholstered...Or maybe this inspires you to take a class...I would so take this class  in a heart beat if I had just a little more disposable income.  Maybe I'll just put it on my Christmas list for Santa...

Rooms I Love Today

 ...I heart the book ledge...where all the covers face forward and really engage the kids...the ottoman looks so comfy too...striped of work...but brilliant.

 ...I love everything about this room...especially the light stained herringbone floors...normally people stain them dark...this is unusual...I love the little pop of red in the room via the curtains...I love the way they pushed the dining table into the small space under the unexpected...that space usually goes unused...cozy...small space decorating done well.

 I really like the idea of making a vanity like this for my bathroom...Or do I want drawers like I posted last week...?

 ...this bathroom is a perfect example of how to give a small, rental bathroom BIG style.

1.  Hang a decorative mirror right over the medicine chest
2.  Pop a fancy lamp shade over the ceiling light bulb
3.  Purchase beautiful fabric and wrap it around your sink...Use velcro...
4.  Buy post cards and put them in frames from the dollar store that you spray paint in your favorite color

...Cool idea for a male bedroom...faux tin wall tiles from HomeDepot or Lowes...sprayed and finished to match your decor...I like this idea for a baby nursery too...would look great in a baby boys room with a black crib...or painted all pink in a little girls room...LOVE.

Another reason to buy spray paint...

 You see this all the time...lots of stuff that looks like junk until... hit it with a little spray paint in the color of your choice.  How you like me now?

What's Blogging My View? Fall is here an it's time for nesting...Images from around my home...

 ...just hanging in the living room after making new drapes...decided to take a couple of pics before changing things around...I am in full nesting mode.  I will be hibernating this winter and I want everything comfy, cozy around here. nemesis...the's still here...the pillows and thrifted  throw make it pretty.

...remember when I painted these frames?  I loved the image in the frame so much I printed it from the internet.

I got this footstool from a recent trip to HomeGoods...$24.99.  Had to have it...thrifted cross.
...sigh.  My Ipad...still haven't figured this thing out.

I thrifted this huge hurricane vase and decided to use it to store my incense collection instead of candles.

...some of my favorite decorating books.

OMG!  I found this table while thrifting.  Who gave this away?  I won't tell you how much I paid for, check out what they're going for on Ebay...If anyone is interested in me an offer.

...jade plant on thrifted hammered steel old asian box...bought that before Mini, so I have no idea where I found it.  The iron shelving bracket in the corner is from a recent trip to Brimfield.

...I covered the back of the bookshelf with fabric...and used my shelving brackets in the corner as a decorative accent...Those are the white curtains I made from sheets last summer...still going strong.
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