Video Tuesday...I heart creative people...

...I love to see creative people doing what they love...making it happen...not waiting on someone else to make it happen for you.  Granted, this is just a short for YouTube, but it's a start...Young girls like Mini can watch this and take it to the next level...It shows them the power is in their their cameras...Mini and I watch so many YouTube videos made by talented young women all day. It's very empowering.
What's not empowering is the interview I watched on t.v. with the actress, Sanaa Lathan ...she was asked, why aren't there more roles for African American women in Hollywood? (so tired of this question)  She answered, because they don't write roles for us.  Stopped me in my tracks...I was mixing cookies at the time...I said to the t.v., "it's really no one's responsibility to create roles for you..." We should be creating our own...and she has a daddy in the business and said he has never given her a job.  WHAT!?  Why isn't he creating interesting, challenging, creative roles for women...and I mean all women...Are we really going to continue to wait for men to create and characterize us...?

Anyway, I heart this video...Do you.


  1. I love this series. I'm so inspired by the hair,costumes and the set. I also have YTitis. It's better than television...

    If only social media had been around when I was Mini's age. There are no more excuses. Children can start their own t shirts and cup lines and cards on

    When I came up we expressed our entreprenurial spirit selling holiday cards and flower seeds.
    Nothing against flower seeds(LOL)

    But children can do so much to exercise their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit just from the comfort of their own home.

    I'm glad you posted this.

  2. ...(in my 90 year old voice) kids today don't know how good they have it...I told Mini, if I had the internet back in the day...No telling what I'd be doing today...not playing games online that's for I really try to encourage her every day to take advantage of technology.

  3. She'll be fine...She has a role model: YOU.

    Sometimes it seems like they want to go their own way. I know I was once there. But it's your parents' actions which get coded in the brain.

    She's still young and has a long way to go. But she will be successfully independent because she watches you.

    Now if we could just get those teenage hormones under


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