Video Tuesday...A Pretty Easy DIY

I heart these fabric lanterns, they are hanging in Free People stores.  Today's video demonstrates how to easily make one. The ending is a little weird...the video ends before showing you the finished product...but you'll get the idea.  If your crafty it won't be a problem. I'm thinking of you, Chic Little House...Wouldn't this be cute in your new nursery?  The cut outs in the fabric make the most amazing shadows on the wall at night when the lights are out.  The fabric possibilities are endless...just think about that old dress or sweater that you love but don't wear anymore...hum? Or, old baby clothes...yep...cute. Imagine two them hanging on both sides of your bed...hum?...O.K. that's enough ideas to keep you guys going until Christmas...thinking of Christmas, how about making them as gifts...hum?


  1. wow those lanterns are absolutely fabulous and definitely my style...i need to tap into my crafty side

  2. This would be nice just to hang! I might try this soon. I have tons of fabric laying around here


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