My Week in Review

...cupcakes were made and eaten...
...Mini made her Mama a sandwich.

Our community held it's annual festival...and of course I bought another ring

...Me trying to take a self portrait
...say hello to my latest gadget.


  1. you guys look beautiful! ah, and those cupcakes looke beautiful. what is it about cake, it's like the best thing ever, every now and then. ok, now i want some. thanks ;)

  2. Wow...this looked like fun. The food, the clothes and the accessories were just wonderful. The cake looked scrumptious. You and Mini looked so cute. I loved your hair and Mini's braids in these pictures. You both looked soul pretty.

  3. 1st - Mini's braids are too cute.
    2nd - Your hair is fab. Love the curly look on you.
    3rd - I missed our annual African Fest, mainly because it was $15 to get in and I refuse to pay that much.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
    I thought your profile was very touching and I love the header on your site, plus the great interior design photos. now following!

  5. Wow. That looks like it was just wonderful! I"m glad you two had fun. Mini looks awesome.

  6. you are so beautiful love your self portrait! Those cupcakes look perfect and i'd love a bit of that sandwich!


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