Living Big on a Small Budget...

This is a very popular sofa in America...Most of my clients own this piece...It's large and you can wipe it  Well, just look how fabulous it could look if you really, really tried.  

First...find a nice neutral, clay color for your wall.
Second...find simple matching frames...easy to do at Ikea, Walmart or Target...load in your favorite family photos...put together a simple grouping on a blank wall.
Third...get yourself some trendy pillows...nothing makes a room feel new like trendy pillows...Walmart has the best and cheapest...
Fourth...make sure your coffee table is the right size for your space...not too big and not too small...and you'll be living big on a small budget.


  1. I love the sofa...such a step above the other one so many have, with curves rather than edges (I hate those)! Makes me wish I had a den.

  2. Sadly Alan has a thing against leather sofas, but I do love the paint and picture arrangement. Hopefully I can talk the crew into the two hour drive to IKEA this weekend so I can hunt for makeover supplies. The new catalog just came in. I just picked up my dresser knobs from Target, and a paint gun for $40 ("slow")from Home Depot along with paint samples. I'm excited to do this! Keep those ideas coming!

  3. I like the look of this living room, the chandy is so pretty!!

    This room has so many great features, I really like your suggestions for having lots of style on a budget!

    I love Targets design area - they are always changing and keeping it fresh

  4. I really need to get crackin with a folder of things I like...I get in the store and get distracted...
    I bet there is an "inspiration" app somewhere..

  5. Thanks guys...Mrs. Chic, I didn't add the I can't find a way to do that on a budget...I guess you could DIY it...but not everyone is a DIY diva..


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