I couldn't resist...

...so, look what I found while in the thrift store this week...I've actually been there 3 times this week.  UGH!  As the followers of this blog know, I'm not a shoe person...wear the same shoes everyday...mostly.  Remember last week when I was trying to be cute and switch it up and wear my high heeled boots to curriculum night at Mini's school...?  Yeah right...never happened...smile.

...Anywho, I was minding my business walking around the store when I came across these beauties in the men's section.  That's right, the men's section...and I heart them.  So comfy...and so trendy, yet classic.  Got all 3 for less than $20.00 bucks...all leather tops and bottoms...So, if your into this trend...head to your local thrift store and check out the men's shoe section.


Rosario Dawson rockin' the trend...

I bought very similar pants from H&M yesterday for $5...

...the trend again with comfy sweater pants...instead of sweat pants...smile.

on trend...rolled up boyfriend jeans and socks.

Solange and Ree Ree on trend...

...good with skinny jeans...not that I wear skinny jeans...but, you might.

 ...much more my style...global chic...oxford shoes on trend again...they're everywhere.

The trend even works for work...yep...via.

...luv the way my favorite fashion blogger rocks hers...via.

It's Manifest Wednesday...and I just want pretty things...

...this image make me happy...the colors the textures...you absolutely know what type of person lives here...passionate.

...vintage 1970's style.  I can't get enough of that red dress...want one.

...so simple, so beautiful...I'm gonna make it.  Via here.

Oh...sweet.  Diana Ross and her daughter, Tracee Ellis Ross...I wanna say, "Joan".  I heart this photo...maybe Mini and I will use it for our Christmas card this year.

...I just wanna paint.  I haven't painted on canvas in a while...I'm always painting furniture and walls lately.

...I could look at this pic forever...I want it blow-up and hanging over my sofa.

...another reason to love IKEA.

I have sooooo many thing to photograph for my Etsy Shop... and this image is really inspiring me.  I've been procrastinating...I really have to be in the mood...I put the music on...line set everything up and snap, snap, snap all day.  I know the longer it takes for me to get it together...the longer it will take for me to get selling...but, I really want to do it right...
So, there it is...things I'm manifesting this wednesday...now go out and make it happen.




Video Tuesday...A Pretty Easy DIY

I heart these fabric lanterns, they are hanging in Free People stores.  Today's video demonstrates how to easily make one. The ending is a little weird...the video ends before showing you the finished product...but you'll get the idea.  If your crafty it won't be a problem. I'm thinking of you, Chic Little House...Wouldn't this be cute in your new nursery?  The cut outs in the fabric make the most amazing shadows on the wall at night when the lights are out.  The fabric possibilities are endless...just think about that old dress or sweater that you love but don't wear anymore...hum? Or, old baby clothes...yep...cute. Imagine two them hanging on both sides of your bed...hum?...O.K. that's enough ideas to keep you guys going until Christmas...thinking of Christmas, how about making them as gifts...hum?

Free...on Craigslist...

If you live in Portland...this is on Craigslist for FREE!...and if you get...can I have it?

An Old Passion Rears it's Pretty Head...

...I started in this crafty business years ago by making dolls.  I made life size dolls out of recycled paper towel rolls...Yeah, imagine that...they were pretty good sellers at craft shows...and I'm starting to think about holiday sales, holiday craft show...a home show...should I, shouldn't I?  I'm not sure...just in case I do a holiday or home show, I'm going to start making things and stocking up.  You guys will see them first and have first dibs.

Here's a peek at what I'm working on...
...patterns were made
...lot's of coffee was consumed...
...body parts were stuffed.
 ...cloth was dyed. 
 ...parts were attached.
...people were made...and it didn't take 9 months...it did take lots of labor.  I can't wait to show you guys...I completed one...she is so cute.  But, I'm holding off on the reveal until her two friends are ready...Soon.

Guest Post...Creative Spaces for Creative People

TodayĆ­s guest post is from Susi, a writer for Arcadian Lighting. Founded in 2002, Arcadian Lighting started selling decorative home lighting fixtures and lamps online, and has become one of the top Internet retailers for home lighting products. Visit their website and cool blog for more information.

Creating a space in your home for creative activities is both a luxury and a challenge. If you are lucky enough to have a room to dedicate as a craft room or work room, you face the challenge of how to decorate and furnish the space for maximum creativity and inspiration. We've pulled together eight great work rooms and craft rooms that have some of the key elements for creative spaces that inspire creative work.
Creative Space
Unplggd via
Surrounding yourself with your creative materials, projects and inspiration is all important in a successful creative workspace. Organized supplies create a colorful display. Red and turquoise is such a happy color combination.
Creative Space
Back to Domestics via
Storage and organization are key elements in making a space functional. This is especially true for creative spaces. Plan how you will use the space and furnish it accordingly.
Creative Space
The Pursuit Aesthetic via
Vintage industrial is a great style for a craft room or work room. A long table is a must for bigger projects, or cutting fabric.
Creative Space
Home Designing via
Color and pattern are musts for a lively creative space. This craft room has great storage and a good layout to maximize the space for working. Love the pop of red in the pendant light.
Creative Space
Sunny's Blog via
For someone who works in textiles, decorating the walls of a workspace with colorful fabrics or scarves is simply perfect. Love the industrial feel of the work surface and storage cubbies.
Creative Space
House of Turquoise via
Space and natural light are ideal for creative pursuits. This craft room has tons of pattern and color that create a lively, stylish space.
Creative Space
HGTV via
A graphic custom painted mural in this home office and the drafting table indicate this is a space for creative activityĆ³and perhaps paying the bills.
Creative Space
Cote de Texas via
Tons of storage, in both cabinets and bins, hides creative projects and supplies to keep this work room looking neat. Lots of recessed light fixtures shine light where it's needed. A few whimsical touches, like the rug and gumball machine, hint at the creative fun that happens in this space.
Susi is a wonderful writer for Arcadian Lighting which has all of the newest best ideas in lighting fixture design from around the globe.

Mama's Got a Brand New Bag...

I have had this fabric hanging around for a while...it's an ikat like tapestry fabric and this morning I decided to turn it into a handbag to use tonight.  I actually made two...so, if you'd like to purchase the other...send me an email...it's first come first serve...I have more fabric...but  I have run out of zippers....UGH!

You won't find this at the mall...Get it while it's HOT!  
+ shipping and handling
Size:  16" x 13"

...holds alot and is fully lined...

Look of the Day...Manifest Wednesday

I thought I'd share a post about how my Mini has manifested her dream...she talked about it...every time she saw it on t.v. she mentioned how much she wanted it...she put up images in her room...and now, well read on..

...So, as you know, Mini began High School this month...What you  may not know is Mini has attended small...I mean tiny, schools since repeating second grade..5 to 9 kids in each class.  Her elementary school was located in a brooklyn brownstone...Imagine turning a bedroom into a classroom or a kitchen into a cafeteria...It was and is an amazing school...but Mini always dreamed of going to a "real" school...large hallways, lockers, big windowed classrooms, multi stalled bathrooms where girls tell their secrets...Sigh.  What's a mom to do?  I wanted that for her too.  I looked a different schools, but I keep hearing a voice saying, there's a lot to balance medically, academically, socially she really needed the small setting.  Well, this year Mini got her wish.  The small school she attends got a new building...a traditional school building with all the fixins...a gym, lockers, science lab, big classrooms, art studio and more...and tonight is, Parent Teacher Meet and Greet...and I can't wait to see it...I'll be rocking something like this...yep...even the pumps...if i can find them.

I'm slowly getting the hang of this...

...so Mini got up late today and tried to miss the bus...UGH! I was in no mood to drive her to school...so you can Imagine the drama this morning...mini can,t leave the house until everything is perfect...well, not today. So, I think mama deserved a little sit down breakfast of Trader Joe's whole grain French toast...turkey sausage...with sliced bananas and coffee...strong coffee...it's gonna be a long day.

Sidebar...Trader Joe's frozen French toast is the bomb...and I don't normally go for frozen breakfast foods...I grew up on Eggo Waffles and all things canned and frozen...my mom was not the best cook...she had five kids and a very demanding full-time job in a public school...I'm a stay at home mom with one kid...so I think the least I can do is cook something...and as you guys know, I heart cooking...I learned to bake at a very young age. There was a old southern lady who lived next door to us...and she taught me everything I know...her name was Ruth and I loved, loved being in her kitchen...sidebar....she also pierced my ears in her kitchen...giggle...with a sewing needle, ice and thread...Old school...

...okay, I lost track...I was saying, try Trader's frozen French toast. This was my first time but I will be stocking up for mornings like this.

photo taken via IPad

The good people over at Penguin Press publishing sent me a copy of this book: Killer Stuff and Tons of Money - Someone one there follows the blog and thought I may find it interesting...and they were right.  Even though I haven't read the entire book yet...I have learned so much from what I've read so far.  It's non-fiction and the author, Maureen Stanton follows antique collectors all over the country to various flea markets, estate sales and auction houses as the collectors search for that piece that will make them a fortune.  Sound familiar?  I'm learning what to buy, how to price and where to sell for profit.  Looks like I should really be selling on Ebay...hum?

read more about it HERE.

...while running errands yesterday I stopped to take a peek in my local thrift store and found this...UGH! I don't need another chair...we all know this.  But, how could I leave it?  The store was practically giving it to me...and if I didn't save it, it would probably end up in someone's home covered in crayons...and after reading, Killer Stuff and Tons of Money, I know it has real value...Soooo, I bought it home with me...I bought the pillow too.  I know, I know...but, they looked so happy together.

Check out what they're selling for...here.
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