Where I'd like to live Wednesday...Like a Fresh Prince/Princess.

...Yesterday, Mini and I were in Grand Central Station when I came across the September issue of Architectural Digest with Will and Jada Smith on the cover...and surprise,  it's where I'd like to live today...The entire issue is pretty inspiring...pick it up if you get a chance.

Just seeing their home inspired me to move a few things around in my living room...It's so hard to take good photos of the room...too many windows.


  1. yes...definitely getting this issue.

  2. Hi Sandra,

    It has lots and lots of photos of their home...it's over 25,000 sq. ft.

  3. I love your new living room set up. Takes advantage of the balcony view!

  4. It does Sing, puts us right next to the action...smile. You gotta see the tomatoes and green peppers I'm growing out there...makes a city girl want a farm...smile.


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