What is up with this weather?

Mini's room make-over...this is what Mini and I were up to when the earthquake hit...and now we must get ready for a hurricane...really?


  1. Hurricane, for real? Wow.
    That was is super cool.
    Ya'll be safe!

  2. nice job...

    You are both in my thoughts. This thing will pass and go out into the ocean where it belongs.

  3. Thanks guys...sigh. I just took everything off my terrace...

  4. Love what you did with the wall. I'm wondering if my daughter and I will get time to make over her room before she goes back to school. What tape did you use for the stripes. Every brand I've tried either doesn't stay stuck and I get paint underneath, or I rip up the wall when I try to pull it up after.

  5. I used the green frog tape....it's the best...no running...and as far as pull off paint when you remove the tape...you have to remove the tape while the paint is wet...very wet...don't let it dry on the tape...


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