Today is Manifest Wednesday...and I want...

Look of the day...since my party hair is looking like this and is about to come out...and the weather is just right for rocking boots...I think I'll go with this look today...Mini and I are headed into the Emerald should be safe.

Oh, wheels on the bottom...good know how I like to move things around...

I will definitely hang a pretty tassel from the drawer...If it doesn't get in the way of opening and closing the drawers.

...this is the one that got away...I should have bought it when I had the chance.

...My bedroom is this color...and the I like the styling in this photo.

I like the idea of two small dressers next to my bed...I like it a lot.

L O V E.  Love., love.


  1. I like the Tassel. This as an interesting accessory. You can customize your own perhaps using those large napkin rings for the top part.

  2. I saw a really nice dresser today...but, it didn't fit in my car...sad face...

  3. It's a downer when you see something and don't have a van.( you would think someone has a business where they could be on emergency call to pick things up. But then again with the traffic in NYC that may not work.

    I remember a long time ago driving with a slipping futon on top of a volkswagon. Never again. It was hilarious.


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