Manifest Wednesday...

...makes me want to paint my bedroom floors.  Love the lighting.

...this is where we'd sit, drink lemonade and solve all the problems of the world...I'll take the doggie too.

...this is my dream coffee table...all the patterns and

...this is how you would enter my and white...hum?

...and when you can't get me on the phone...I'm probably here, meditating.

...I'd blog from here...I love the idea of painting the entire wall with chalk board paint. living room is very similar to this the rug.  I need a huge rug.

...and on my best day I'd look like!

Sigh...I'd have a private room just for momma.  Blue velvet chaise...what's not to love?

...I'll take it all...Mini and I are getting started on her soon as she returns home from another sleepover...


  1. M&M has great style.
    And now I want to recover my coffee table ottoman in another fabric.

  2. mmm. I wish they made more big bathtubs as a standard feature...Those stand alone baths are what's happening.
    People are getting larger and standard tubs are smaller. go figure.

  3. Meeks style is the ISH! And lov'n the chaise. Purple would be sweet as well. Yes you would find me in the tub *wrinkled* up....
    Hallway was nice. Calm and such.


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