Ideas for a client...

My friend/client is vacationing in the Dominican Republic this week and I'm thinking about her breakfast design mind never goes on vacation.

She has an odd little nook next to her kitchen that's perfect for an unusual kitchen table...These are just some of the ideas I have for it...

A bench going around the wall with a non-traditional table looks young and fresh...

Bench seating all around a round table looks fresh also...not to sure about scooting in and out.

In the spring I posted about a china cabinet that we thrifted for just $40.00 bucks...I have been trying to talk her into painting it ever since...She's not having it...I'll have to show her this one when she returns from vaca...maybe she'll change her mind.


  1. Hey I like your redesign, very nice.

  2. WHOA! Luv Luv Luv all three pics.
    Pic two is GORG!

    Hmmm going to stay away from your blog for a while. Today I went spending change I didn't have for some new goodies!
    Help me Somebody!


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