The Calm Before the Storm...

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So Mini and I are getting ready to hunker down for the impending hurricane...NYC is so hype right now...The Mayor is on t.v. talking about shutting down mass transit at noon buses or trains until Monday...WTH?!?  I have lived here all my life and I can't remember this ever being done...maybe, for a few hours after 911...I  hope this is all hype.  I just cleared my terrace off and hopefully the electricity will stay on so Mini and I can enjoy our Netflix...My living room has two full walls of windows...(scared) My bedroom only has one, I guess we'll be hunkered down in there...If it gets really bad...we'll hangout in our windows there...wish us luck...enjoy your weekend...and be safe.

...just sharing photos of Mini and I goofing around in the park near our house (please don't flood) a few days ago...the calm before the storm.


  1. You two are quite a pair: beautiful, fun and spirited.

  2. Love the photos, so fun.
    I hope it's all hype too.
    We only shut down once in my lifetime and that was last year for that crazy blizzard. Better safe than sorry, so I think it's good to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.
    Charge that laptop up just in case you need backup entertainment ; )

  3. Oh man, Sing...I didn't even think of that...UGH! Must charge laptop.

  4. just checking in. Reports here say that Queens have some power outages. Evacuation orders over at 3:00 pm 8-28-2011.
    Hope all is well for you and your family.
    Take care.

  5. I love the photos of the two of you. I hope you kept power. Sorry about the transit thing, but hopefully Netflix saw you through!

  6. so...hurricane was a dud...thank GOD! The NYC is back in business...


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