Video Tuesday...her style and my style can hang out

One of the founders of Lucky magazine...luv her style...

OMG...I used to make my own magazines and catalogs too...I would sit for hours cutting out outfits and pasting them into my scrapbook...I haven't thought about that ever...watching this video bought the memory back.

...I have a very similar jewelry collection.  If I ever find a way to organize it all, I'll share it with you guys.

Watch more SYLELIKEU videos here...If you have all day...I spent 2 hours watching last night when I should have been sleeping...


  1. Would love to see your collection. I can't believe how organized her closet is...

  2. Her jewelry collection is amazing. And yes I too would love to see some of your jewels.

  3. Thank you ladies...maybe I'll do a little video of my jewels...I found a ring at the thrift store last week for just $1.99...and I'm positive they are diamonds...but, I've gotta get it checked out before I show you guys...I'm getting ready for my trip and sending Mini off to sleep away all these things will have to wait until I return...luv.


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