Too Much Baggage...

Some people just carry too much baggage in life...Let it go...Use it to decorate your home.

I see these trunks a lot during my thrifting adventures...
...I found this lamp (or a similar version) during last weeks thrifting adventure.  I paid $5.00...and later found out that it's worth $250.00 bucks.  It was signed on the bottom...and thru the wonder of the internet...I googled the name and found out that it's hand blown by a famous and post on that later...I love this whole vignette...and can just imagine all the stuff you could put away in those boxes.

You can use them as a night table...

...You can paint them if you don't like their finish.

...mix it up use a wicker picnic basket.

I will post the giveaway later today...I haven't had a moment to photograph it yet...See ya later...


  1. I always wanted to use trunks in my home, just haven't found the right ones yet. Very cool on the lamp.

  2. I love the idea of using them as night stands in the bedroom! I'm gonna do that!

  3. We have these massive trnks that we use to store winter blankets in. My daughter recently started collecting old suitcases and she has her paint supplies in them. 1,001 uses. I love the ideas you posted!

  4. mmm Like this... I thought the idea of painting them is unique. I can see doing this with older bags instead of discarding them.
    Thank you for blogging this.

  5. that's such a creative use of baggages! love the nightstands!

  6. I wish I could find cute luggage like this to use. It's a great decorating piece as well as storage. I'll keep an eye of for these.


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