My Latest Thrifted Purchase...Mixed Metals

...this is just one of the item purchased this week...I have purchased other things...the candle sticks are the only thing I had to put up right away...they are lovely.  I thought about painting them...but, they looked just right when I got them no paint...for now.  Check out all the mixed metal finishes in this photo. I know some people don't like to mix the metal finishes in their home.  One of my pet peeve with clients.  I think it makes the room it a little personality.  When all your finishes kinda makes the room feel like a showroom...too matchy, matchy...

Hum, this table top really needs to be


  1. Thanks won't believe how much they cost...Just 1.99 each...I heart thrifting...

  2. I think it works though for your eclectic style room.


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