So, yesterday was Mini's 8th grade graduation...I thought I would be more emotional...but I was cool.  Here are a few pics from the day...

 ...that's Mini in the middle (of course) my niece on the right and my cousin on the left...I heart this pic.

...Me, Mini, her dad and his mother...I have a silly smile...I do that sometimes. niece, again on the bff in the middle and my cousin, again on the right...I heart this pic too.  Everyone looks so pretty.  It was a beautiful day the ceremony was perfect...short and sweet...I think there were only 32 graduates.

...this is Mini's crew...I can imagine her looking back at this pic in 20

...after the ceremony we all went back to my place and I made brunch...chicken and waffles, fruit salad, spinach salad and sangria...It was so nice...after eating we sat on the terrace and drank our red juice...It doesn't get better than that kids.


  1. Aww, you guys look great! What a wonderful day to capture! Everyone looks really happy and proud of her!

    Congrats Mini! :)

  2. aah. Everyone looked fab. Mini was workin the purple dress and I loved her hair and the flower in it. She's so fortunate to have both parents, granny and relatives there. What a spirited occasion.

    I think your smile is wonderful. At least you showed your smile and didn't close your eyes(which usually happens to

    And, I loved your dress on you. The fabric and color was just right for the occastion.

    The table had a nice colorful vibe. I take it that navy and purples are the school colors.

    Time does fly. Doesn't it?

  3. Congrats to Mini, my daughter graduated from 8th grade too but a few months ago. I keep forgetting that in the south we get out of school earlier than the most. I'm scared for my daughter to head off to high school,clinching pearls lol. xoxo

  4. Wonderful! Congrats to Mini. Your fam and friends look great!

  5. Hey Tami,

    Congrats to your daughter! I'm sure we can trade notes on high school...I'm going to get me some rosary Thanks everyone, Mini sends hugs and kisses...

  6. I enjoyed your blog! You made me a follower!

  7. Congratulations to Mini!! The two of you look beautiful as always!

  8. Sandra, thanks for that video link...I walked around the house all day today wearing my skirt as a it! ...and I love her video channel...she's funny.

  9. it sure doesn't! congrats to her.

    your home events--whether it's something like this or just moments when you describe a movie night y'all are having--always sound delightful and special.

    i'm loving the watermelon bowl cut-out. :-D it's been too long since i've experienced that!

  10. Better l8 than never! Congrats!
    Reaching MileStones!


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