Video Tuesday...You are about to be encouraged...You are the star of YOUR life.

OMG...I forgot all about Les Brown...I used to listen to him everyday on my way to work and college after work on that long train ride home at 11:00 p.m...on my those...?  Finding this on Youtube made my day... He really encouraged me to keep going...when no one else was encouraging me...Please watch and be inspired...and watch again and again if you have to...make your kids watch may think their not listening but they are.


  1. Yes...
    Les Brown has a website. Just found it:

    I like Les too. My dad liked him. Dad hung onto the part where Les gave his mother a home because of his wealth...Well my story hasn't quite ended like that thus far. But I try to give my dad the upmost respect...Dad has his own home but he'd love for me to walk into his front door and hand him keys to another....
    Thanks for sharing. I had forgot about Les too.

  2. oops..not walk into his door but he'd like me to walk through his door...well you know what I mean Lol

  3. Wow. Thank you for sharing this. Great inspiration.


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