Last Night...

...So, last night we attended Mini's Award Dinner...We snapped these photos before we leaving home...It was very emotional for me...seeing her so happy and excited...this night was all she hoped it would be.  Mini scheduled her transplant around this day and   everything happened just as she said it would...She claimed it!

I love this me it portrays her humble victory...battle scars and all...

It's been a while since we had fun with our camera...I have more photos from the evening...but, Mini took her camera to school with her today...more tomorrow.


  1. You guys look GORGEOUS! What a triumph, eh? An inspiration to us all...You're both on top of the world!!
    Love you xoxo

  2. These are adorable! You two are a beautiful pair.

  3. i'm inspired just looking at these photos of the both of you---and ms. d., you dress the way i envisioned---beautiful and classy!--i wanna dress like you when i grow up--LOL

  4. You both looked naturally divine.
    I love mini's style. The pink flower and her syle is super cool and chic.

    I love the earthtone shades in your outfit and that necklce is to die for.

    Both of you are so beautiful, creative and have such warmth in your auras.
    Thanks for sharing these pictures.

    Did you get a chance to wear your blue dress yet?

  5. Thanks blue and white dress got the thumbs down from Mini...Oh well, I'm going to a Sade concert in a couple of weeks...maybe I'll rock it then...

  6. It did? Um can I see it? I really do love it just from seeing it on the model.

  7. Great pictures of the two of you! Congratulations Mini!

  8. I know I am late but you two are beautiful and Mini is amazing. When I stress sometimes about parenting issues, I think about all that you have been through and I forge ahead.

  9. You both look amazing! I am so happy and proud for you and Mini!

  10. Tell MIni love her pink head piece! Pinktastic! xoxo

  11. not sure how i missed this post, but i'm glad i came across it. very nice pictures! mini definitely has a warrior woman vibe.. her story, her look, everything. she exemplifies strength.


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