Did you guys watch the new decorating show on Bravo?  Million Dollar Decorator...It premiered last night...I got a little bored and turned...I'm not really interested in decorators who spend a million dollars on a my mind...anyone...well almost anyone...can do that.  I see it's coming on again this evening at 6:00...I'll give it another try.

I love this dining room table...the shabby finish and mismatched chairs...perfect.

...this is my dining room table...UGH!  I purchased it for Mini...she wanted furniture that actually came from a furniture  I think it's served it's purpose...and I'm ready to move on.

I like the red...I don't have any red in my home...hum?  I don't like the mirror over the bed...I'd worry that it may fall on my head...

...When I was a teenage girl...this would have been my dream bed.

My inspiration...You guys remember when I painted Mini's bed black a few months ago?  Well, I feel a stencil/stamp project coming on.  Not just on the bed...I'll stamp her white bedding too. Isn't this beautiful?  Stay tuned.

OMG...when do I move in?


  1. Feel free to have them ship any or all of those rooms to my house! I particularly love the chandelier over the bed (I feel the same about the mirro) and the dining room with the mismatched chairs is wonderful. My mother would have hated it and said it looked like furniture she threw out! I love this more laid back look though. Not that I'm averse to truly elegant dining rooms either. I just know I'm more comfortable in these.

  2. I can so see a distressed dining table in your space. It's like the missing piece to the puzzle. I'm sure your salvation trips will turn one up that you can work your skills on.

  3. That kitchen table and missmatched chairs are my ideal table ! Your blog has inspired me to create a blackboard wall and repaint my kitchen units in my kitchen.. if only I had the space for the table ..Maybe I can create the effect for my garden instead.

  4. I love to hear that my blog has inspired someone to do something creative in their life...SMILE. That really makes me happy and inspires me to keep thanks for letting me know.


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