Do you know these people...

...while at the flea market searching for frames for my gallery wall...I came across a couple of old frames that contained these African American family photos...This was an unusual find...I rarely find old photos of us...Do you think I should hang them up? know I love a good family photo.

...don't they look happy?  ...I wonder were they were picnicking...


  1. you should definitely hold on to these---wonder if there's a way to find out who these people are--i would do some type of research on that--and if you find them, just think how happy they would be to know the pictures still exist--and you'll be a blessing to that family---WOW!

  2. How cool. I personally wouldn't hang them up,but maybe scrap book them or something.

  3. This is a difficult question for me. We have a photo gallery in San Francisco at the Museum of African Diaspora and there are permanent photos from different eras. It is fascinating the number of people who have found themselves in the photos.

    Aside from that, one person who might have some insights on the pros and cons of using them is an online blogger name Lovey. She does Fabric Photo Collages of vintage images of African American Women which is transferred to fabric. She may have an interesting perspective on this.
    Here is her blog address

    Part of me says you are giving these families a home. Another part says these photos could be part of loss memories and perhaps someone is searching for them. The question is where would you send them?

  4. Yes, I absolutely believe that you should hang these! What an awesome find! And you get to make up a story with them! that's the beauty of them!

  5. Hey, God's shoes...I was thinking the same thing...hang them up and make up stores...Don't worry, I'll take good care of them.


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