Weekend in Review...It looks like our summer is off to a good start...

This weekend was non stop...hit the city on Saturday so Mini could get her long awaited turkey burger...Sunday we hit the park with the family for a bbq...and Monday went to my cousins for a backyard bbq...Now that's what I call a good weekend...
Backyard DJ....
Mini has been waiting since her transplant for that turkey burger...smile
My BBQ margaritha
The girls...
...sometimes you just can't sit down.
Look who's rocking her natural....smile.
Kiddies waiting for the B-day cake...
Backyard bbq...
So, it looks like my summer is off to a great start...If I could just keep it up...


  1. We some times take for granted so many things like: good times with family, the taste of a favorite food we've been craving, laughs, stories and appreciation for atmosphere. Thanks for sharing.

  2. She's beautiful...you two deserve many days like that!

  3. Thanks ya'll it was a good weekend...for sure.

  4. super fun! thanks for sharing, i could look at everyone's personal photos for hours, even better than professional, they are the best ;) mini looks great!

  5. great shots! the idea of family getting together makes me happy. been craving events like this lately!


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