Sneak Peek...

Here's a little sneak peak of the shelving I placed in my bedroom...It's looking so good!  I love it!  Mini loves it...and wants it in her room...
What else is new?  That's why I call her Mini.

Hey Essense, you may recognize the gift you sent me on the shelf...thanks again for the words...I need to read and remember everyday.  Check out her blog full of spiritual creativity...and the coolest music you'll find on any blog.  Pls...she's having a great giveaway.


  1. So earthy and original. I need more!

  2. smile...more to week.

  3. Im loving the sneak peek, I also bought one of these when you told us they were on sale. I haven't assembled mine yet, I bought a white one and thought of covering the back with paper but now you have me thinking of something like this with gold paint. Thanks for the inspiration.


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