Random Monday...

Hi guys, these are just a couple random things I'm loving today...Sorry, can't link to the source...blogger is bugging.

...this tie dye duvet and pillow set want to come home with me so bad.
ABC Carpet and home
These curtains have inspired me...I have plain white thrifted curtains in my bedroom and I will be stamping them.

....maybe I'll stamp them with white paint for this subtle effect.

...more gorgeous pillows and love the white sofa...you guys know I'm over my sofa and I'm thinking about getting a white Ikea sofa just like this one...

...Love, love, love the colorful matching footstools...the white bedding and Ikat hanging over the bed.

Graphic poufs in the kitchen instead of bar stools?  Why not?

You know I love the baskets over the sofa, especially a white sofa and do you see the little Ikea nesting tables in the corner...they look good...The basket thing could get expensive...even in the thrift store...for some reason baskets are pricey. 

...yesterday my bff and I went to the Brimfield flea market in Massachusetts...miles and miles of thrifting...photos later...but I rocked an outfit something like this...minus the dogs...Oh, I wish I could have a dog in my apartment...


  1. Can't wait to hear about Brimfield, and I love the outfit and the colorful foot stools at the end of the bed.

  2. When I lived in NJ ( and had a huge apt) I had baskets just like what is pictured hanging on a wall in my kitchen. In seeing this photo, I have to say, I'm loving them over a couch! SO GONNA STEAL THIS IDEA!

    As for the first pic, I'm going to go to Ikea, get two queen sized sheets and dye them and make my own duvet for a fraction of the cost! Love it!

    I love this blog! LOL!

  3. Oh Moni girl...I like the way you think...good idea.


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