Music for a Melancholy Friday Afternoon

So, yesterday I was watching President Obama on C-SPAN discussing his strategy for peace in the Middle East..Yep, I'm intellectual like that too...Now, I really try hard not to get into politics on my blog, (this is my happy place, besides IKEA) but today I just couldn't help myself...with everything going on in the world and my life right now, I was disturbed while watching the president and then listening to all the talking heads put him down...just got me thinking about this beautiful, melancholy, Rachelle Ferrell song...Listen and be inspired.

...that's when I remembered this quote by MLK.

"At the end of the day, you don't remember your enemies remember your friends silence."  


  1. I appreciate you sharing yourself with us. I have those "meloncholy" days as well. We all need them. They remind us to stop and reflect and cure ourselves from the inside. JMO.

    Love the song!

  2. 1x1000...If you guys knew the half...UGH! I really need to start a new rant and rave blog for all the BS that is going down right now...breathe.


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