I've been busy...

This is a standard Target bookcase...they come with these boring cardboard backs...normally I cover the back with fabric or leave them alone...yesterday I tried something different...

I got out the rest of my black bean paint...the same one I used on my door project and got busy...I didn't paint the side that matched the shelf...I may want it to match one day...I painted the other side.

...and then I got out my stamp and covered the board with white paint. 

 ...the stamp didn't have a handle on the back so I just glued an old knob onto it...made it much easier to handle.

 O.k...when I saw them all together like this...I got the idea to paint my bedroom wall the exact same way.  I purchased a stencil for the bedroom a while ago...but I haven't done it yet...I really love the way this looks...organic.

I came across this Etsy shop selling similar stencils for as little at $5.00

....it's SOUL PRETTY...Mini said, "OMG...everything is art with you...even when you cook" Yeah...it kinda is...I can't help it.
Now, if I can just get rid of all the extra junk in my bedroom...UGH!


  1. I would have NEVER thought to go so artsy with the back. You rock girl!

  2. Now this looks pretty hot! LOVE it. Brimfield betta watch out!

  3. Wow. The way your creative genius works just floors me. Might explain why I handle real estate for an electric company for a living rather than something more artistic! LOL Great job!


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