It's the first big bbq weekend of the summer...What are you up to?

I'm dreaming of cleaning off my terrace...I started yesterday...not too bad...but I think a bird has nested under my storage unit...UGH!  I'm afraid to move it and see...scared.


  1. I'm sad now that I have an outdoor area, my poor plants died. They fell apart when I repotted them and never recovered. But this is inspiring me to start over and make it nice.
    I'll entertaining my friend from out of town so now rest for me. Have a good one.

  2. I've been hiding inside the house most years because I hate the heat, but this is inspiring me to create a lovely corner with shade to really enjoy the outside. Beautiful!!

  3. Hey ladies, I'm off to that food festival I blogged about...and my family is having a blow out bbq in a state park here...should be nice.

    Have a wonderful weekend...

  4. I potted some new plants for my terrace and now I need a new cushion for my bench and Im all set lol

  5. I have too much space and too few ideas...I need to get in gear next summer. The valley is too hot to start anything now! Enjoy your weekend, ladies.


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