Take a look at what I picked up for just $8.99 on my last thrifting trip...



It's wicker, it's vintage and it's going for $100.00 bucks on EBay...eeek.  I should have looked it up before I painted it, Glidden, Black Bean Soup.  I can't help it...I was taught to be impulsive in design school.  No worries.  I heart it. I think it's very sexy and I can't wait to be served breakfast in bed...hint...hint.


  1. Wow, what a score! It looks great painted.

  2. Sing, definitely get your shelving from Target...I have their shelves in every room in my home...even the bathroom and they hold up well. The Billy bookcases at Ikea are good too...but, they are twice as much...I would definitely go with Target for your shoes...and paint the back board a nice color...let me know how it goes.

  3. Ok thanks sooo much for this, because I sure was about to get a couple Billy's. And yep I'm thinking some kind of decorative paper as a backing would be cool for it. I used Ikea wrapping paper before with spray adhesive and I really liked the look (messy though).


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