Since Mini's transplant it has been brought to my attention that I should no longer wash her clothes in the public laundromat...sigh...germs, virus and all.  So I'm now in search of an all in one washer/dryer combo unit like the ones pictures below.  I have been doing research online all morning and I'm leaning towards an LG model...but they aren't cheap.  I called a couple of stores to find out if they have any in stock for my luck.  Most of the stores says they have to order them...I can do that?!  I know these machines are the norm in Europe and the Far East...I was just wondering if any of you guys in blog land have any experience with this machine?

Eurotech has an ingenious combo model that washes and dries clothes in a single unit, runs on just 110V and occupies half the space of a regular laundry pair. With an internal moisture condenser, hot air used to dry the laundry is cooled internally and the water is drained into your sink or drain stand pipe. The washer dryer combo is ideal for small spaces, older homes and apartments that do not have dryer vents. 


  1. I am not sure what brand it was, but I used one when living in S. Korea. It worked just fine, except for that the heat for the dryer is pretty high. I say as long as you hang-dry jeans and other things that can fade or shrink, you would love the machine!

  2. I have the LG set washer / dryer got it at home Depot, not cheap but really cleans. If you are also in a bind with sick kiddos there is a snitizer option, I have used it though mainly use it for the cold / cold option mainly.
    I have had it three years and I use it daily about 3 loads min.
    Has been good, is stacked on top of one another and is pretty quiet, fits behind doors too! No look, no see!

    Hope all is well with Mini.
    God bless,

  3. Sorry when I was in Germany, I shlepped everything over to the lanudromat on post. Good luck!

  4. Not certain if you still need info., but my girlfriend has an all in one washer/dryer she has had hers for a few years and I've never heard her complain about it. I will ask her the brand and let you know.


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