Images from my birthday party...


My friends and family threw me a wonderful b-day celebration this weekend...there was cake, drinks, snacks, flowers, gifts and laughs...What else could a girl ask for?  I heart my family...thanks again guys...I needed that.

Our Signature Cocktail for the evening was the "TRANSFUSION" in honor of my Mini who will no longer be getting a monthly blood transfusion.

Equal Parts

Grape Juice
Ginger Ale

Pour over ice and stir...ENJOY!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Lady!!!

    It lookas if you had a wonderful time.

    Here's to a lovely next year of life!!!

  2. love the pics! "Transfusion" huh? Gonna have to try it!

    Glad you had a great birthday! : )

  3. Great pics from what looked like a great time! Good for you. I'll have to change out the vodka for gingerale or 7up but I'm thinking "Transfusion" is a must try.


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