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I love the idea of using a bookcase for something other than cool.

I have a small wall in my apartment that could use a little set-up like this...Hum, a set of cabinets from IKEA?

O.K...this is just brilliant...hanging plywood like wallpaper or as your backsplash with the grain running horizontally and stained to your preference...High style on a low budget...I'd give it a really dark stain.

I remember when I first started this blog and I dreamed of having an all white bedroom...sigh...just look at those floors...What is that?


  1. Love the bookcase used for kitchen ware storage.

  2. I love that book case, we have a similar one from Ikea and we use it to hold our records. The last image is so gorgeous. I might be moving and plan to paint the apartment white! Happy Wednesday lady!

  3. Thank you for sharing! I love that kitchen and bedroom! :)

  4. loving these spaces.

    i'm currently in the hunt for a bookshelf to house my fabric and sewing supplies...

  5. I love the skinny IKEA dressers they fit so much and take up such a small space I need one for my bath :)


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