Failure is not an option...

So...last night I attempted my rainbow cake...well, as you can see it didn't turn out too well...and I'm full of excuses...such as...1. I was watching Survivor (i love that show...been watching since episode 1)  2. I didn't have any food coloring...UGH! LOL!  3. My cousin from Chicago called me and we talked for an hour (while my cake batter sat in the bowl, Ugh!) ...about how Mini and I should be on Oprah...But, I am not defeated...I will make another attempt this


  1. As hungry as I am right I would eat it! Simply because.....IT'S your BIRTHDAY!! Woo Hoo!! Happy Birthday!!!!

  2. You should have slapped some icing on those layers, stuck some candles in it and started singing "Happy Birthday". LOL.

    You get an "A" for effort :D


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