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So...I was watching the Rachel Ray Show yesterday...something I never do...but, she had these twin decorators on and they covered an entire wall with laminate wood flooring...and that got me thinking...hum...I should try that on my dining area wall...(see below).  I know IKEA sells really nice laminate flooring...and it is near the hospital...and Mini is doing so well that I may sneak off for a couple of hours after this snow storms passes us by tonight...


  1. That would be dope. I'm a huge fan of using unexpected materials for art installations. It would make great texture on that wall. Keep us posted.

  2. OMG! that's a great idea! I've been dreaming of having a brick wall somewhere in my kitchen. But I don't know HOW I would accomplish that. I love the laminate wood idea though. Seems more doable than the Can hardly wait to see your transformation. Sending love out to Mini!!!

  3. Okay, that bed made me claustrophobic just looking at the picture! If you spread the walls about five feet apart on either side, I would love that! Great look. Can't wait to see how your dining room comes out. You do the most amazing things! I'm still in love with your curtains. Love to you and Mini. Only four more weeks? Blessings.


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