Home again...

 ...Sorry...I've been missing for about a week.  Mini, unexpectedly got the o.k. to go home 3 weeks early...YEAH!  So I had to rush home and sterilize the place to get it ready...fun, fun, fun...I just want to thank you for all your warm thoughts and prayers...it has really made this journey easier for Mini and I...Mini is not out of the woods yet...but, our path is much clearer...She will now be isolated at home for the next 100 days...sigh.  Which means I'm in need a home project...So I just ordered a stencil from here....Don't these stairs look amazing?  If I had stairs I would be all over this project...but I don't...so I guess the wall behind my bed will have to do...this is my inspiration....Gorg!


  1. Great idea for stairs. Can't wait to see how it turns out behind the bed.

  2. Love this idea and I'm SOOO going to do my stairs!! I'll post before and afters. Thank you for the idea. Can't wait to see your bedroom.

  3. Thank you so much for featuring our Royal Design Studio stencils on your amazing, SOULful blog!! I can't wait to see what you and your fabulous taste come up with!! Sending warm and loving thoughts to you and your daughter. Best-Melanie

  4. exquisite, love the bedroom color pallet -

  5. LOVE! Ive been wanting to do something to my headboard for a while... this is purrrfect.

  6. Hi Donna,
    This is cousin Ann. I need you to come visit me in Virginia to give me some decorating ideas. Your work and suggestions are AWESOME!

    1. Hi Ann,

      So glad you found my blog...I would love to visit Virginia and help you with your home. It's my passion and I'm always looking for my next job. Look forward to talking with you soon.


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