I'll be rocking something like this...layers, very bohemian with a studded bag...luv.

I'm off to visit the high school that Mini will attend next year...It's another small school with intense one on one instruction...most of her friends from Jr. high will attend too and Mini  loves that...she just wishes she could attend a big school with lockers, lunchroom, etc...You know, like on t.v...that's when I remind her that she's trying to go to college...not just high school...smile.  She really is doing well in school and could probably navigate a traditional school at this point...but, we've got enough going on in our lives...we don't need the drama...I think when we look back on it...she will be so happy that we stuck to our guns and got her the education she needed...If not, oh well, my bad...I'm doing what I think is best for her and so far, so good...


  1. You've got that right! She'll love it once she's there. Love the look for today and love the new look of the blog. Your home is beautiful!

  2. I love the look and your site looks amazing as well!



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