...I'm not sure what's going may be all the trouble were having finding Mini the perfect bone marrow donor and my need to be distracted or go crazy...then again, it may just be the holidays...but, I have been so inspired to create something new day I'm sewing, the next, cooking, the next painting...I'm on a roll and I just want to document it here to see if there's a pattern to my creativity...because I know that I can go months without creating a thing...So let's see if this is seasonal....

where the magic happens...
I'll show you what I did with these later...they turned out so well, Mini thought I bought them from HomeGoods...


  1. i really like your space!

    willfully some of that creative spirit will find its way through the computer and to me, cause....uuuuuggghhh!!


    i've revamping my sewing room now, though, i hopes that that'll bring about more motivation to make things!!

  2. this far most has to be my favorite post of all--i see where the creativity Is born---LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!

  3. I love your creative space. Wish I had one, but I'm using the dining room or kitchen table. Most days I'm just thrilled when something creative comes forth no matter where I made it, but I do seriously heart your space! Keep the art coming in whatever form!


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