Bag Lady...

sold sold

 sold sold

You ladies inspired me and I had a lot of fun recycling old handbags into new tote bags...I hope you like...

$45.00 each price includes US shipping

Size:  15" W - 17"L
Fully lined w/inside pocket

email me if interested and I will send you a paypal don't need a paypal account to purchase...just use a credit or debit's first come first served...

Enjoy your weekend...


  1. LOVE these!!! great idea for holiday gifts! Hmmm.... PS: IM BACK! :) AND SO IS MY FREE BLOG GIVEAWAY!!! SKV6.BLOGSPOT.COM

  2. Give me a moment to get the funds together! Y'all gonna make me broke!!

    BTW, loooooove the new look! : )

  3. gurl--your blog looks fantastikal!--like my sistah moni, i gotta get my funds in check---but i do want the black and white one for real---dang uncle sam made and took my money---love ya much ma'!

  4. The bags came out great. I love the tan colored one. The outside pockets are perfect.

    I just went on a virtual tour of your so beautiful and inspiring. Have a great week.


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